Who are Studio Helga?

Welcome to Studio Helga, a motion design & web development agency based in the UK. We established Studio Helga with a very simple goal: to work with good people and create projects that we can be proud of.

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with clients and other agencies from a range of different industries to deliver projects that entertain and engage their intended audiences. We have years of combined experience across multiple creative fields and love the creative problem solving process and working alongside passionate people.

Sometimes clients approach us with a rough outline for an idea they’ve had whilst others have a fully realised concept they need bringing to life.

So if you think we can help you, then get in touch and lets bring that new project to life together!

The Team

Chris Mackin and Charlotte Hughes founded Studio Helga in 2021 with Chris handling motion design and Charlotte taking on web development. All projects that pass through the Studio receive care and attention from both though, as their areas of expertise overlap with both having backgrounds rooted in design. When a project comes along that requires more hands on deck, we have a trusted network of freelancers who we have known and worked with for many years.

Our story so far...

Two Birds dropping feathers. Two feathers are caught by a man and a woman.
A man stood taking photographs on the wing of an airplane whilst planes fly overhead and around him.
A zoetrope spirals into film negatives being hung up by a man in a dark room. A line drawing of a plane is underneath
A girl sits on a book writing computer code in a notebook.
A whirlpool sucks down sheets of paper. Below the whirlpool is the tip of a shark's fin.
A large shark with it's jaws wide open. Swimming away from the open jaws are a man and a womman.
A yellow life raft.
Two sharks circle a liferaft, seen through a cog shaped porthole.
A man and a woman leaping into a liferaft. The liferaft is also the top bun of an exploded burger.
A man and a woman sit at a table engaged in conversation.
A man and woman surfing on colourful waves.