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Valculator is a free resource calculator for Valheim from Studio Helga.

We hope can aid you in your adventure and help pave the way to the mead halls of Valhalla.

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This project began as a lowly spreadsheet that we made to calculate the materials we would need for our first set of bronze armor. We added a few more rows for tools and weapons, followed by a column to compare basic statistics. Wouldn't it be interesting, we thought, if we could also add a guide for workbench levels and upgrades? And how about being able to tick off the items we've collected? The spreadsheet very quickly collapsed under the weight of our relentless feature creeping. A decision was made to sharpen our tools, grab some strong mead and get to work on making a resource calculator that would make even Hugin proud.

As well as the app, we also created a number of stylised 3D props for marketing and promotions. Studio Helga are in no way affiliated with the Valheim team, we're just huge fans of the game and we wanted to create a useful tool for a game we love and to help the great community behind it.